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About parts not listed on our site

Inquiry about parts that are not on our site. When you are looking for any parts that are not listed on our site, e.g.) Replacement parts, new released parts.

For USED PARTS, you can get from Yahoo Auction Japan with using our "Purchase service MY JAPANBRAND.COM"

About parts listed on our site
When you have questions about parts that are listed on our site, inquire from "more info" page for each parts.
  • *The items we can supply are for JDM (Japan domestic Model) only.
  • *We do not know whether the parts fit on overseas models or not.Inquiry more than 10parts


About order before you make
Before you make an order if you have questions about ordering from us, e.g.) How to use discount points...etc. FAQ may help you.
Inquiry about order before you make
About order after you made
After you have made an order, if you would like to inquire about Payment, Tracking, Current status, Insurance claim, etc. We will not accept campaign code after you have made an order.
Inquiry about order after you made
Bulk Purchase

If you intend to buy more than JPY1million in one-shot,contact us from here.

If you've already chosen items through our shopping cart and saved estimation, please enter the estimation number.

Inquiry about bulk purchase
Group Buy

We accept "Group Buy" for parts that are not discounted on Japanparts site.

"Group Buy" should be for a group purchasing 5 or more of same our part number.

Only PayPal payment is acceptable.

Inquiry about Group Buy


About wholesaler
Any question from registered wholesaler or people who is interested in becoming a wholesaler.
Click here for wholesaler program information.
Inquiry about wholesaler program


Request changing/deleting personal information, Inquiry for Privacy Policy
Let us know when you would like us to delete/change your personal information.
To check Privacy Policy, click here
Request changing/deleting personal information, Inquiry for Privacy Policy


About the translation of the manual

For only the parts you purchased from us, we accept translation the manual. It costs 1000JPY a page.

However, it is likely to discount or to surcharge it according to the volume of the page.

Please contact us with your order number.

Inquiry about translation


Any comments or suggestions are welcome
We welcome any questions, comments or suggestions about our site.
Any comments or suggestion
  • * A copy of your inquiry will be sent to your email address automatically. If you don't receive the copy, we cannot send reply to your inquiry. Your email address may not work in such case.
  • * It will take 1-2 business days to reply to your inquiry.
    Our business day: Refer to the right side at the bottom of our top page. Our operation hours

INQUIRY TO STAFF DIRECTLY (English or Japanese Only)

off: Office close *: Manufacture close

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