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Terms & Conditions

Purchase of any Item from JapanParts.com; the Purchaser is bound by the following Terms and Conditions


The "User" refers to the person who checks the Terms and Conditions and uses the system of Japanparts.com (hereinafter referred to as "User" and "you").
"We" refer to Japanparts.com (hereinafter referred to as "Japanparts.com" and "We").

Terms and Conditions

  1. The following conditions apply to the User of Japanparts.com. All Users are required to follow these conditions.
  2. Because the Terms and Conditions of Japanparts.com are in accordance with the laws of Japan and are interpreted according to Japanese law, the interpretation of the laws of other countries does not affect these conditions.
  3. Any court proceedings relating to the Terms and Conditions of Japanparts.com have to be resolved as agreed exclusive jurisdiction by the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court.

Changes in the Terms and Conditions

Japanparts.com has the right to change the Terms and Conditions freely. The User must comply with the new Terms and Conditions.

Service of Japanparts.com

  1. The "Service" refers to the service that Japanparts.com provides for the User. Japanparts.com purchases from makers, dealers and suppliers, packs and ships products for the Japanese market and for JDM (Japan Domestic Model).
  2. The order is made when the User selects the desired goods on the site of Japanparts.com, the destination country and the delivery option, and then completes the payment.
  3. After the product arrives from the manufacturer or dealer, we ship to the address the User has instructed, applying the appropriate packing.
  4. After the shipment is complete, the tracking number is communicated to the User.

About the products

  1. We sell parts for the Japanese market and for JDM (Japan Domestic Model) to the User overseas.
  2. Products we sell are for JDM and may not fit onto the vehicle of overseas specification. However, we do not accept any cancellation, returned goods, or refund even in this case.
  3. We are not responsible for changes of design, color, or material by the manufacturer.
  4. We cannot be liable if it has become discontinued by the manufacturer, either. The User can change the item or get the refund for the charges for the product.

Number of days required

  1. The estimated delivery schedule shown on the website means ’Estimated delivery time by EMS/Courier‘(the shortest time)‘. When you order more than two items, you may be shown several delivery dates but your entire order is shipped out in the longest delivery schedule. Please make separate orders if you want us to send out the parts separately. Parcel AIR (Japan Post), Parcel SAL (Japan Post), Parcel SEA (Japan Post), To Seaport by Sea Cargo requires more days than ’Estimated delivery time by EMS/Courier‘ as shown in the shipping fee estimation. Japanparts is normally closed on weekend (Saturday and Sunday), on national holidays, and on some other dates, so the orders are not processed during that time.
  2. If the ordered parts need more time than the estimated delivery schedule, you will be notified by e-mail before your order is processed. You can cancel the whole order or change the ordered item(s) then.


  1. Payment on Japanparts.com is Japanese Yen.
  2. For the convenience of the User, Japanparts.com shows reference price in foreign currency, but we are not responsible if there is a difference between the amount shown in foreign currency and the actual amount of money that the User will be billed by the card company, PayPal, or the bank.
  3. In the case of payment by PayPal, if there is a "temporally hold" by PayPal or a payment by PayPal check, we do not proceed with the order until it is cleared.
  4. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the order is completed when the funds arrive at the bank of Japan and we have received the advice of remittance arrival from the bank of Japan, and then we proceed with the order.
  5. In the case of payment by bank transfer, the User must pay not only the remittance fee on the User‘s side but the receiving fee on Japanese side. Surcharge applies to the payment by international bank transfer. The surcharge for bank transfer is already included in the final amount (no surcharge for payments by PayPal or credit card).
  6. We are not responsible if delivery time is delayed due to Article 3,4,5 and take longer than shown on the site of Japanparts.com. In addition, it is not our responsibility if change in availability causes delay in delivery time, and we do not accept cancellation.
  7. When we refund the User for discontinuation, backorder, or other reasons, there may be losses or gains in foreign currency exchange, but we are not concerned about it.


  1. When the cargo arrives at the country of the User, the User must pay tax, duty and other charges incurred in the country of the User.
  2. If the User wishes, the User can ask us to export with the shipping company or forwarder specified by the User by paying the prescribed fee. JPY5000 per shipment. If the shipper is other than Tokyo GM Shokai, the User must pay the sales tax because it is domestic sales.
  3. If the User wishes, the User can ask us to ship to an address, company, or person designated by the User by paying the prescribed fee. The User must pay the sales tax because it is domestic sales.
  4. If you wish to have your cargo shipped to a seaport (LCL) in the United States, the User must let us know the company name, address, phone number, the name of the person in charge, e-mail address of the customs broker. Until we receive this information, we do not proceed with the order.
  5. If there is a significant gap between the size and weight of a part we get from the manufacturer and its actual size and weight, we may ask for the difference in postage.

Cancellation / Returns

  1. Once the User completes the payment for the order, it is not possible to cancel or exchange.
  2. All the parts on Japanparts are for JDM (Japan Domestic Model) and the fitting is guaranteed only for JDM. Once the order has been processed, you cannot cancel the order, refuse the delivery or return the ordered part(s). The ’cooling-off‘ system does not apply to international transaction. We do not accept refund, cancel or return.
  3. If the delivery time may take longer than planned due to the manufacturer‘s circumstances, we inform the User. Then the User can choose to continue or cancel the order. We proceed with the order if the User agrees with the delivery date. It is not possible to cancel after that.
  4. Returning goods is not permitted at all, except for the case that the different product arrives due to our mistake on shipping. Let us know in aweek since you received the item(s).
  5. If the recipient refuses to receive the goods, the User must pay the customs clearance fee imposed by the country of the recipient and Japan,duty and tax, the international shipping fee for round-trip and the re-stocking charge, which is 50% of the price of the item(s) ordered.
  6. If the recipient fails to receive the goods and the goods are returned to us, the User must pay the shipping fee from us to the address of the recipient again.

Discount point

  1. The point is what is given to the User who purchased at the web price of Japanparts.
  2. Products that are discounted from the web price are not eligible.
  3. We will grant the point to the User who has registered as a member, completed order, payment, shipping through our shopping cart.
  4. If the User adds products by mail or phone after completing the order, points are not given to those added items.
  5. Points will be given in 1-3 business days after the shipment of the products.
  6. Point is valid for one year from the date it is given, and can be used from the next order.
  7. Point cannot be cashed.
  8. Point cannot be transferred to someone else.
  9. If your e-mail address has been changed, points are not transferred.


  1. If damage is found on the items that have arrived, please contact us by attaching a picture of the damage within a week after arrival. support@japanparts.com
  2. Insurance company varies according to the shipping country, product, or shipping fee.
  3. To make a compensation claim, we need your cooperation. In the case of the insurance of Japan Post, you are required to file a damage claim to the local post office. In the case of other insurance companies, the insurance company contacts you, so you need to have the required documents.
  4. Until payment for compensation is determined, please keep the damaged goods, the box in which the product came, the label on the box. Because of inspection of the insurance company, if you abandon them, the insurance may not be granted. In that case, we cannot be held responsible.
  5. The upper limit of the insurance varies depending on the delivery method you choose.


Warranties, if offered by manufacturers, become invalid once the parts have been dispatched from Japan.


  1. Because products sold by us are parts for Japanese market and for Japan Domestic Model, we do not take responsibility even if you cannot attach them to the car of overseas specifications.
  2. We are not concerned in the change of design, color, and material by the manufacturer.
  3. We cannot be liable if an item is discontinued at the manufacturer. The User can choose either to change the item or to get refund for the product charges
  4. For the convenience of the User of Japanparts.com, you are shown the reference price in a foreign currency, but we are not responsible if there is a difference between the amount in foreign currency shown and the amount of money that the User will be actually billed by the card company, PayPal, or the bank
  5. If receipt and confirmation of payment require time, we are not liable if delivery time displayed on the Japanparts.com site is exceeded.
  6. If we refund to the User for reasons such as back order or discontinuation, even if there is foreign currency exchange losses / gains, we cannot be held responsible for it.

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