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Free Gift


*The gift is subject to change without any notice.

This is the GIFT you get
when you make an order!!

Use your campaign code and get the free gift!!

*sample packing list sheet

Where to find the campaign code

Look at the packing list sheet(comes with purchased parts)

How to get the FREE GIFT?

  • All you need to do is put your campaign code when you make next order.
  • Everybody can use your campaign code as well!
  • Please share the campaign code with your friends,family members.
Campaign Code

*Please note

  • - If the campaign code has already expired, NO FREE GIFT without our notice.
  • - We won't accept your late offer after the order is placed. So don't forget !
  • - One FREE GIFT per order.If you make multiple orders and ask us to combine them,ONE FREE GIFT then.

off: Office close *: Manufacture close

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