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How to Save and Use Discount Points at Japanparts

Discount points of Japanparts are privilege to the customers who have created an account at Japanparts.

  • ・Points can be used at 1 point = 1 yen on your next purchase.
  • ・Points are valid for one year after last time there was increase or decrease of them.
  • ・Points cannot be handed over to another user.
  • ・Points cannot be combined from multiple accounts of the same user.

Two Ways to get Discount Points

  • ① Get points by buying applicable items.

Current point rates are:
・Pay by Bank transfer - 3% of the price of applicable items
・Pay by PayPal/credit card - 2% of the price of applicable items
Points are added within 7 business days after the items ship.

  • ② Get points by writing a review after purchase. Max. 300 points per item.
  • You get points equivalent to 1% (decimals rounded off/ Max. 100 points)
  • of the item price for each entry (review and/or photo and/or installation tips).
  • Ex. Item of 5000 Yen: you get 150 points by product review, photo upload and installation tips.
  • Ex. Item of 10000 Yen: you get 300 points by product review, photo upload and installation tips.

  • How to write a review:
  • Log in to My Page → My Order History → Order number → writing review
  • A review can be written within 90 days after the item ships.
  • (Must be more than 25 characters. The size of the photo must be lessthan 2MB.)
  • No installation tips for Team Goods.

  • We will remove any comments containing your personal data or those we deem inappropriate.
  • Likewise, irrelevant or incomprehensible comments, or a series of random words will not be shown.
  • Points are not given for those unusable comments.
  • Your comment appears and you are given points after it is reviewed by Japanparts.
  • Points are given within 3 business days after you submit the review. You are notified by email. You can check your points on My Page.

Use Discount Points

  • Enter how many points to be used after the payment method has been selected.
  • If you do not have any points, this field does not appear.
  • Points cannot be used after the order is placed. Please use them on your next order.