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Wholesale Program

Thank you very much for your interest in our wholesaler program.
Wholesaler program conditions have changed since Jul.2013.


1.Wholesaler applicant has purchased over JPY100000 (including shipping)
from Japanparts.com (except Purchase Service) in the last 12months.

2.After becoming a wholesaler, if under JPY100000 purchase from Japanparts.com
(except Purchase Service) every year, your account is deleted and you cannot register again for one year afterwards.

3.Please advise us of your company name and business homepage URL in the application form.


Flow of transaction

Step 1

Wholesaler orders items through our shopping cart and pay full amount just like regular customers do.

Step 2

Kicking back is calculated on 2 total values, one total of discounted part(s) and
another total of undiscounted part(s) you order.
Prepaid freight or insurance are excluded.

Kick back rate of discounted part(s) is not same as undiscounted one(s).
Discounted items are labeled such as "You save xx yen" on Japanparts site.

Discount rate depends on wholesaler's purchase for an order.

Step 3

You receieve the kick back
- through PayPal as "refund" if you paid by PayPal
- by discount points if you paid by credit card
- We will advise you of discounted amount if you select bank transfer payment.

For customers of bank transfer payment or PayPal e-check payment:
The order is placed after we receive the payment.
Please note that the stock status may change upon the arrival of the payment.

  • Note
  • - You do not get discount points general customer gets after becoming a wholesaler.
  • - Discount rate changes or NO kick back during the sale. You will be notified of the change upon the sale.
  • - No price or no catalogue for wholesaler.
  • - If you cannot find parts on our site, ask from inquiry page
    If you advise us of part number, it's great help for us.
    The wholesaler kick back can apply to these parts.

*** We, Japanparts.com, reserve the right to change the condition without notice ***

Would like to know more about the wholesaler program ?

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Thank you very much for your interest anyway.

If Yes, put your email address and click SUBMIT button.
Further information including kick back rate will be sent to your email address.

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