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  • DAMPER ZZ-R SpecDSC PLUS (98534)
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  • Car category
  • Mazda

    • MAZDA3 BP

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Suspension & Steering



Product Information

Mount F/R: Reinforced rubber / Reinforced rubber
Rate F/R(kgf/mm): 6.0 / 5.0
Free length F/R: 180 / 185
Spring F/R: ID62 straight spring / Barrel or Taper type exclusive spring
Height adjustment range F/R: -50 to 0 / -55 to -30
*The range is when adjusting the height on the lower bracket side. *Adjustment range may change due to grade, vehicle weight... etc. *Even within the range, it may interfere with the inner fender and others. Also, please check the minimum ground clearance and set the height.
Rear damping dial Position & Shape:
Extension dial with the product: x
Stabilizer link with the product F/R: x / x
BRAIN connection: ○ It may not fit, depends on manufacture year. Please check the chart on BLITZ HP.

For MAZDA3 FASTBACK 2WD, BP5P, P5-VPS engine, MY 05/2019 -
For MAZDA3 FASTBACK 2WD 4WD, BP8P, S8-DPTS engine, MY 05/2019 -
For MAZDA3 FASTBACK 2WD, BPFP, PE-VPS engine, MY 07/2019 -

G-sensor and new motor equipped. The full-length adjustable suspension kit, which allows up to 96 levels damping force adjustment to be controlled freely from inside the vehicle.
-Equipped with "Full Auto" mode.
-Fully automatic control function that stabilizes the posture with appropriate damping force based on the number of passengers and running conditions.
-2.5-inch VA liquid crystal display.
-Damping force of four wheels can be displayed at any time.
-More intuitive operation by adopting a rotary encoder. Increased UP and DOWN button size.
-Equipped with G sensor as standard. In the map control mode, fine damping force adjustment is possible from turning G, acceleration / deceleration G, and vehicle speed.
-In addition to real-time display of G, peak display is also possible, which is convenient for setting.
-A total of 22 modes are prepared. Switchable between simple and easy STANDARD and ADVANCED with complicated and detailed control.
-The adoption of a high-performance bipolar (two-phase inversion) control motor achieves a 17% reduction in size compared to the conventional model and a 5% speedup.
-Equipped with an ambient light sensor and an auto dimmer function that automatically adjusts the brightness of the liquid crystal according to the surrounding brightness.
-With the separately sold GPS sensor kit, it is possible to control the vehicle speed linked more easily. Displays speed, time, latitude, longitude, and sea level above GPS.

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