• DAMPER ZZ-R SpecDSC PLUS(98379)
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  • Car category
  • Honda

    • FREED GB5/6

  • Compatible with:
  • GB6 L15B, GB8 LEB

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  • 135-055-151
  • 135-055-151
  • 135-055-151
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Suspension & Steering



Product Information

Mount F/R: Stock / Stock
Rate F/R(kgf/mm): 6.0 / 6.0
Free length F/R: 200 / 220
Spring F/R: ID62 straight spring / Barrel or Taper type exclusive spring
Height adjustment range F/R: -80 to 0 / -61 to -20
*The range is when adjusting the height on the lower bracket side. *Adjustment range may change due to grade, vehicle weight... etc. *Even within the range, it may interfere with the inner fender and others. Also, please check the minimum ground clearance and set the height.
Rear damping dial Position & Shape: x
Extension dial with the product: x
Stabilizer link with the product F/R: FF / x
BRAIN connection: ○ It may not fit, depends on manufacture year. Please check the chart on BLITZ HP.
The data is for FREED, GB6, L15B engine, MY 09/2016 -. Height adjustment range F/R is the data of GB8

FREED, GB6, L15B engine, MY 09/2016 -
FREED HYBRID, GB8, LEB engine, MY 09/2016 -
FREED+, GB6, L15B engine, MY 09/2016 -
FREED+ HYBRID, GB8, LEB engine, MY 09/2016 -
Remarks: 4WD, Removing or customizing some interior parts is required for rear motor installation.

Optional parts
DSC PLUS GPS sensor kit is listed as 135-055-999
DSC PLUS remote switch is listed as 135-055-998

- Full length adjustable, single cylinder type, up to 96 levels damping force adjusting by the electronic control. Reasonable price, but a number of aluminum parts achieve both high strength and light weight.
- You can freely change the damping force from car controller (96/64/32 levels selectable). Use the stepping motor, achieve a comfortable ride and a finer set-up of up to 96 levels.
- Two control method are available. Control right and left simultaneously and Four-wheel independent control. In addition, it can remember five modes setting.
- Compact and a stylish controller.
- ″Highway mode″ to switch the damping force by inputting the vehicle speed signal. In accordance with the high-speed driving, the damping force mode is switched. Touch-BRAIN (option: code No.15158) in cooperation with, the signal at the input is also easily possible.

For more info, Click here to check BLITZ HP

- It is possible malfunctions some devises with radar, camera, sensor etc. by installing DAMPER ZZ - R series. It is also possible that malfunctions such as safety equipment, collision avoidance support equipment, driving assistance equipment of each car manufacturer may occur.
- When installing the DAMPER ZZ-R series, especially in the case of the strut type suspension, the shock absorber may interfere with even genuine wheels and tires.
- When installing DAMPER ZZ - R SpecDSC PLUS, there is a possibility that the motor can not be installed depending on the shape of the strut tower bar. (genuine optional item, aftermarket item).

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