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  • HEPTAGONAL WHEEL NUT Type2 M12xP1.5 20pc(ZZTN52-20*)
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  • Car category
  • Toyota

    • MR2 SW20
    • MarkII JZX100
    • Prius NHW2# 2003-2009
    • Supra JZA80
    • Altezza <Lexus IS>
    • Aristo JZS160/161 <Lexus GS>
    • Aristo JZS147 <Lexus GS>

  • Compatible with:
  • JZS147 JZS160 JZS161, GXE10 SXE10, JZA80, NHW10 11 20, JZX100 JZX101 JZX105, SW20

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  • 205-008-033-4
  • 205-008-033-4
  • 205-008-033-4
  • 205-008-033-4
  • 205-008-033-4
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Aero & Exterior



Product Information

M12xP1.5 20pc
Base diameter: 20mm, Bearing surface: 60° taper, Weight: (with aluminum cap )approx. 27g each
Exclusive adapter and hexagon wrench included.
For Aristo JZS147 / JZS160/JZS161, Altezza GXE10 / SXE10, Supra JZA80, Prius NHW10 11 20, Mark II JZX100 / JZX101 / JZX105, MR2 SW20. Incompatible with vehicles with genuine wheels
P.N. Red ZZTN52-20R, Black ZZTN52-20BK

- You can not attach a wheel whose bearing surface is a flat seat or spherical seat.
- If the contact surface of the wheel nut is not tapered (such as genuine wheel etc.) it can not be mounted.
- It does not fit to the wheel bolt specification car.
- When the cap is attached, the effective screw length of this product is 20 mm. In advance, make sure that there is no shortage of thread allowance and bottoming of the vehicle hub bolt.
- Make sure that the nut fits inside the fender line.
- Even if the nut fits inside the fender, if it protrudes from the outermost part of the wheel rim, it may be pointed out.(such as a sharp projection).
- If the wheel offset spacer is not used in combination with the long hub bolt mounting vehicle, the caps can not be attached because the hub bolt is bottomed.

monster SPORT HEPTAGONAL WHEEL NUT Type2 Features:
- Theft prevention function
By using the heptagonal design, it has an anti-theft function.
- Light weight & high strength
The material used is chromium vanadium steel, which does not easily loosen even at high temperatures, for both of strength and small size weight reduction.
- Dedicated aluminum cap
Equipped with a colored anodized aluminum cut-out cap on the tip, it can also be removed. Giving nice accent to the wheel.
- Compact size
The total length of the wheel nut has been reduced to 28 mm (compared to the conventional heptagon wheel nut -4mm).It is also recommended for vehicles with protrusion tight clearances, such as compact cars and small cars.
- Brand logo
The logo of "MONSTER SPORT" was printed on each of the aluminum cap and nut body.

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