• GT L.S.D. Pro Carbon 2WAY(38420-RSR50)
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  • 087-300-003
  • 087-300-003
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Product Information
GT L.S.D. Pro Carbon is specially developed as a wet type differential using carbon fiber cloth

GT L.S.D. Pro Carbon is specially developed as a wet type differential using carbon fiber cloth
Made to run in an oil bath, the interior discs were coated with a specially developed carbon fiber cloth. The protective qualities of the oil guaranty superior durability and reliability. Managing oil changes and checks is exactly the same as with any other clutch in the GT L.S.D. series.
Otherwise, this model works exactly like the GT L.S.D. Pro and has all the same functionalities. *1
*We have done extensive research and development to ensure that any sludge that comes from the were of the carbon fiber facings does not have any significant impact on LSD operation, its related parts or oil.
*1 This unit is set for 2-WAY use only.

Initial torque setting of 6kgf.m
The carbon cloth facings of the GT L.S.D Pro Carbon have been manufactured to meet NISMO's high standards for durability. Significant testing of the LSD series in grip races has shown that 6kgf.m is the optimum level of initial torque for even LSD operation. GT L.S.D Pro Carbon's initial torque is set to LOW (approximately 8kgf.m)*1 at the time of shipping. If usage leads to the initial torque's falling below 6kgf.m, the setting can be changed to MIDDLE or HIGH to preserve the standard level of initial torque without disassembly of the LSD unit. *The carbon facings employed in the GT L.S.D Pro Carbon were designed to produce an initial torque of 6kgf.m Even when the MIDDLE (approx.11kgf.m)*1 or HIGH(approx.17.5kgf.m)*1 settings are used, the initial torque will settle at 6kgf.m after about 100km of driving and remain stable there. Since aware that "pushing" the initial torque will result in excessive wear to the LSD and shorten its lifespan.
*1 Values at time of shipping are design standards.

Smoother LSD Operation
Because of the superior friction to velocity efficiency of carbon facings, stick-slip is limited while power and operational stability are greatly improved. With an LSD performance that is smooth from the start, excellent oil viscosity is maintained and LSD operation is little effected by tire wear or road conditions.

Ideal for circuit time attack or street use
This LSD's operation was perfected to deliver the maximum grip needed for circuit racing. It will give you superior traction whatever the tire or road conditions. The great stability of the GT L.S.D Pro Carbon "2-WAY" also makes it ideal for normal street use, where road conditions can be poor and where too powerful an LSD can actually reduce efficiency. Compared to the GT L.S.D. and the GT L.S.D. Pro, this is the best choice for street use.

Diff type (axle): GR6
Final ratio: 3.700

This kit includes following NISMO or Nissan OEM parts:
-Side flange x2
-Side bearing x2
-Oil seal x2
-Bolt x12
-O ring x1
-COMPETITION OIL type 2189E (75W140) 1L x2
-GT L.S.D.Carbon sticker x2
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