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  • 333-003-006
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Product Information

ONLY for power folding mirror equip model as this is kind of upgrade kit for power folding mirror (mirror itself, switch and so on are NOT included). Mirror fold automatically when key locks and mirror opens when engine start.

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- Product review

The product it self is actually a quality item as you would expect for OEM - however there is really no instructions but Japan Parts a kind enough to provide an English translated version which helps a little. I installed this for my Levorg STI Sportswagon. Biggest challenge is removing the existing wires from the plugs. Once installed, the mirrors will FOLD when you lock the car and will ONLY unfold when you turn the ignition on.

- Photo

1. door_lock.jpg 2. two wires.jpg 3. new wires.jpg

- Installation tips

For the door trim removal, there is a video on youtube that is the same as Levorg:

You need to connect a wire to the door trigger wire. On the Levorg, this is any of the RED / green stripe - please see photo.

NOTE: each plug has a clip that needs to be pushed back in order for you to be able to remove the wires. Please take care and have patience.

You need to remove the BLACK wire from the big plug and also remove the white/green white from plug with 3 wires from the door and connect them to the NEW PLUG that is supplied with the kit. Please see photo 2.

You need to then connect the black wire from the KIT to the BIG plug where you removed the black wire from and connect the red wire from the kit to the plug you removed the White/green wire from. See photo 3.

Written by Murat (AUSTRALIA) | 2018-04-09

- Product review

This is a quality OEM item, with a well made harness. It works well, with 2 things to note. 1 - when the car is off, any lock-related signal will trigger the folding of the mirrors, such as unlocking the passenger door or all doors, not just locking. 2 - when starting the car, the mirrors will start unfolding for a split second, however they will stop until the engine starts, and then resume unfolding.

- Installation tips

Installation took me about 2 hours. Make sure you thoroughly read through the instructions, and look at all the illustrations. The trickiest part is re-pinning the connectors. Make sure you snap the connectors back together when you're done, otherwise some of the switches on the driver's door could stop working like they did for me.

Written by Kristian (AUSTRALIA) | 2018-01-21

- Product review

Should have come this way from the factory!!!

Written by Chris AKKO (AUSTRALIA) | 2017-11-06
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