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Expense at Seaport

For shipping by surface, the information on your customs broker is required.

Sending freight by surface (LCL service = Less than Container Load) incurs various seaport charges and fees at the destination port you have selected.
In some cases, charges may occur at the stopover sea port.
You may need to pay duty, tax, and the fees for customs entry and customs clearance as well.
It is the importer's responsibility to pay those fees.

Japanparts does not recommend "To Seaport by Sea Cargo" if you do not understand those fees well or do not have any experience of importing by vessel.

The international shipping fee you pay to Japanparts.com does not include the sea port charges/fees, costs of customs clearance, duty, tax, or the delivery fee to your door.

Following are the typical sea port charges.
They cost JPY30000-JPY50000 at least.
Ask your customs broker or customs office in your country for more details on the fees, because the charges/fees vary by country or by port.

-Port service charge
-Terminal handling charge
-Delivery order
-Port security fee
-LCL service fee
-CFS release fee
-Handling fee
-Harbor fee
-Pier pass fee
-Bond fee
-Inland fuel surcharge
-DOC fee

expected other fees
-Import entry
-Custom clearance
-Duty & tax
-Customs broker fee

Important rule for vessel headed to or via the U.S.

The importer is required to comply with ISF (Import Security Filing,10+2), which is the rule for security by United States Customs and Border Protection.

It requires containerized cargo information to be transmitted to the agency at least 24 hours before goods is loaded onto an ocean vessel headed to the U.S.

If the information submitted on the U.S. side does not match with the information submitted on Japanese side, or if there is no submission of information at all, the importer can face fines up to US$5,000 for each violation.

After ISF is completed, Japanparts does not amend any information on the invoice or the sea way bill.

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