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  • Can you declare lower value on the invoice of order?

    No, we cannot. It’s our policy that we cannot declare lower value of parts in the invoice of order to avoid confusion.  Due to the large number of parcels that we deliver to foreign countries every day, we don't want to take risk of doing it. If the Customs Office discovers it, we will be not be allowed to export parts to foreign countries anymore.

  • By what company do you ship the goods?

    In the shopping cart page, our system shows you the available shipping ways.
    Consider the delivery time, the insurance conditions etc. and select the shipping.
    For courier (FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL), you cannot choose the courier company.

  • When do you advise me the tracking number(s)?

    After we hand the goods to Japan Post or ship to bond area, they will give us the tracking number(s). We will send it to you immediately by email. Sometime it takes a few days to renew their tracking data.

  • Can you ship to the address inside Japan?

    Yes, we can arrange shipping address inside Japan. Please advise us the receiver's name, address and phone number on the comment field. If that’s the case we have to charge you the cost for

    • 1. Delivery cost from the seller to us.
    • 2. Delivery cost from us to the address you suggested.
    • 3. 8% Tax (Parts and Delivery Costs).
  • Can I use my own forwarder/ shipping company?

    If you would like to use your own forwarder or shipping company, we have to charge you the cost for

    • 1. Delivery cost from the seller to us.
    • 2. Delivery cost from us to the address you suggested.
    • 3. Handling charge JPY 5,000.
    • 4. 8% Tax (Parts, Delivery and Handling charge).

      * If you paid by Credit Card when you made an order, the difference should be refundable by Japanparts points.
      If you paid by PayPal, the difference will be refunded by PayPal.

  • I received the goods. But they were damaged. What shall I do?

    Please contact our support team immediately. If it happnes to the item(s)delivered by Japan Post service, you may need to contact your local post office and file a "Damage Report". Please cooporate in your prompt paperwork required by the insurance company / carriers / post office. We often need pictures of damaged goods. Please keep damaged goods and package. Investigator may want to look at them.

Discount Points


  • What is JDM?

    JDM means Japanese Domestic Model. We only deal with JDM parts.Please take note that all our parts are for JDM, so we cannot guarantee that every parts will work well on exporting and overseas models. That means, we cannot accept any parts returning or anything like that. Japanese Cars are Right hand drive (RHD).

  • Can I inquire about parts other than your website?

    Inquire us from the form. We will try and locate any Japanese domestic model part(s). We don’t know whether the parts fit on overseas specification. Give us the information such as; Parts Manufacture, Parts Number, Parts Details and Full detail of the car. If it’s a JDM chassis, advise us the full VIN Number. We cannot search especially Honda parts without JDM Chassis Number. If you find the item on the internet, advise us the URL if you the item you found.

    • Note:
    • 1. Parts for models prior to 10 years-old are generally obsolete and becoming more difficult to find.
    • 2. We don't deal in any used parts.
    • 3. We do not supply key and/or lock assemblies, alarm systems, remote/keyless entry devices.
    • 4. We do not supply Parts to Companies or Individuals who manufacture Copy or Knock-Off Parts.
    • 5. We cannot search the parts by pictures.
  • Can you supply used parts?

    You can buy used parts through our Purchase Service. Link Here.

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