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  • TRD
  • DOOR STABILIZER(MS304-18001)
  • (Japanparts No : 043-314-010)
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  • Written by meatbun (UNITED STATES)
  • 2019-11-26

- Product Review
Doors close with a nice THOCK sound after installation! Looks gorgeous and with other chassis stiffening mods I'm certain this bolsters the handling of an already incredible car.

- Installation tips
The screws in the door jamb (body side) have loctite on the screws, so I recommend an impact drill with a good bit.

The door side screws very easy to remove.

  • Written by Sygfrid (CANADA)
  • 2018-07-24

- Product Review
Easy to install; takes about 5 minutes per side. 1st thing I noticed was that the door sounded more solid & no longer squeaks/rattles when going over uneven surfaces like humps or even bumpy roads. Is the steering more responsive? Probably since I don't really get to push the car to the limits.

- Photo

- Installation tips
Use a torque wrench. Be careful as not to wear down the hexagonal screw heads included in the package.

  • Written by brandon (UNITED STATES)
  • 2016-10-03

- Product Review
I haven't noticed a change in performance but it looks great.

- Photo

- Installation tips
This was tough. Unscrewing the stock screws in the body is frustrating. An impact wrench was recommended and I still was unable to loosen them. An impact drill and a high grade phillips bit is what ended up doing the trick. Also, alternate screws as they loosen. Once one screw is out the back plate can move and makes it even more difficult. The door side was much easier to change. You'll also need a star/torq but for the new screws. Most hardware/car parts stores sell a bit set with multiple sizes.

  • Written by Mike (UNITED STATES)
  • 2015-11-21

- Product Review
Before adding this part, you could hear and feel the doors move during hard cornering. After adding this in, my car turns in better, doesn't make noise when turning, and the door shuts much more solidly. Great purchase!

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