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  • Car category
  • Nissan

    • FairladyZ Z33 <350Z>
    • FairladyZ Z34<370Z>

  • Compatible with:
  • Z33(Koki - later model), Z34

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  • 213-004-005
  • 213-004-005
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Drivetrain & Transmission


Clutches & Flywheels

Product Information

Twin plate. Boss drive. SX coat, Carbon disc. With damper. Center hub type (with silent damper).
Actuation - Push type
Diameter - 225mm
Clamp load (N) -8700

Additional parts required:
Flywheel Bolts : Genuine F/W Bolts must be used.

The use of a damper-type center hubprovides a considerable improvement by singnificantly reducing thegearnoise(noise from tooth hammer) generated in the transmission anddifferential gears. At the same time,it absorbs shock torque.CARBON-D is atouching clutch system designed for quiet and comfortable driving because itincorporates the driver’s need for meeting-point optimization (toward thefloor) without impeding quick response and the carbon-specific half-engagedfeeling.

-The advanced vibration-absorbing carbon clutch that introduced the center hub damper,an industry first-
Vibration-absorbing damper
The conventional damper used ina a sports clutch is designed to protect the transmission from shock torque caused by abrupt clutch engagement,it does little to absorb vibration.Efficient absorption of fluctuations in engine speed requires a very flexible spring and proper setting of the hysteresis torque.*1 The Flexibility of the spring,houever,is likely to run counter to the damper capacity. for this reason,CARBON-D is equipped with a new damper that features two stages – a low-load stage and rapid-acceleration stage – and which is perfectly tuned for each car type. The proper adjustment of both damper rigidity and hysteresis torque prevents gear noise in the low-load stage while the new highly rigid spring ensures high-torque operation in the rapid-acceleration stage. This tuning technology is available only from EXEDY, the specialist in clutch systems.
(*1) Hysteresis torquie can be compared to a shock absorber in the susupension system. It has the essential function of absorbing sound vibration by controlling the torsional restitution of the damper spring.

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