Helena Malaysia Fast & smooth transaction, especially with kind assistance from Yuki Sekiguchi. From Internet. Original parts.
Troy Johnson United States Very good. Always nice packing and super fast shipment. Car Forums Website Cheap Prices. More options for my car.
Justin Hall United States Excellent. Searching the web. Cheaper parts cost.
Chong Wai Heng Malaysia Nice and smooth. Online Fast response, pricing and etc.
Lucas China It's Ok. Forum Communication is good.
David Australia Excellent service. Very responsive and detailed, helpful answers. Delivery was faster than expected, very happy with service. I am very happy with the ability to purchase a genuine STi part that cost much less than buying from my local Subaru dealer in Australia. Referred by a friend. I would say excellent service and good price for genuine manufacturer products.
MOHAMAD SHUKRI BIN ABDURRAHMAN Malaysia It was great and no hassle in purchasing. Through my friends. You have campaign code & discount points that I can make use of.
Nikumars UAE Excellent, quick and very responsive. Friends You have a lot more options with better pricing.
Mulle Tim Switzerland Perfect Forums A lot of products you can't buy anywhere else.
Derrick Hui Canada Quick reply and useful installation guide. At jukeforum.com Your store have the arm rest that I can't find in others website.
Chris Koch Australia Great Online forum Wide range of stock.
Mohd Hanif Bin Zainuddin Malaysia I'm quite satisfied with the service offered. Through friends. Haven't experienced since i'm using only japanparts.com to buy JDM parts.
Johnny Cho United States Very quick and fast shipping. Online search and internet car forums. Better pricing and quick service.
Poppie United Kingdom Excellent. Via Google although this is my 2nd order from you. Not used any but since the service is excellent I don't need to use other suppliers.
Jim Rimmer United States Awesome! Ft86club.com More selection, faster service.
Philip Wong Canada Very good. Internet search for Japan domestic market parts. Japanparts.com offer not only OEM accessories but also OEM parts.
Chris United States Excellent. Subaru Forums. Cheaper Shipping and more available parts
Yang Lun Kang Taiwan Very good. By forum. Fast delivery.
Edwin Lui Canada Very quick delivery. Referred by friend. Lower prices and good communication.
Allen Chung United States Fast and as ordered. Have used before. Some parts already listed.
Troy Johnson United States Very good. fast shipping time. Car forum and word of mouth. This is the cheapest site I have found after browsing all of the websites.
Paul United Kingdom Excellent. Google None haven't used anyone else.
Leung Yat To Hong Kong Very good and ship fast. From friends. Faster than ever.
Panos Greece Really special. By forum. Faster, crystal clear quality.
Simon Wong Australia Excellent. Friend. Ability to source other parts if not available in the site. (e.g re-amemiya  blue coat mirror)
Delbar France Very fast. From friends. Many choices and technical advice.
Nicolas Fraguada Puerto Rico Perfect Internet Prirce
JIm United States Great! You guys are great! Google / Forum Super fast shipping and good communication.
Worawuti Chitworaprasert Thailand Service is great. Google Accuracy
ZULAUF Germany Perfect Subaru Club Germany Very Fast, Good Price
Shiro Indonesia Very good service. Form Internet Fast Shipment
Jacob Singapore Excellent. Parts Ordered on 19th Dec 2013; parts recieved on 26th Dec 2013. Reply to my email is fast & response is helpful.

1) Detailed information about the parts give me the confidence to buy that part for my car. 2) Reasonable pricing - but freight charge is high as compared to the price of parts.

Yuki Singapore It was great! Shipment came in really fast. I think the website is really organized. Prices and shipping rates are much more competitive.
David Ireland Perfect Internet From my dealings with Japanparts,it's the friendly service and wide choice of goods.Always willing to help with any questions.
Aki Brunei


Google search. Japanparts is efficient with resaonable charges.
Adrington Australia

Japanparts was awesome. Really helpful and Yuki's customer service was really good over email even though I may have been blind most of the time.

My brother told me about it. Their customer service.
Mai Thanh Danh Vietnam

Very Good

Subaruforester.com Forumt. English friendly, world wide shipping.
Edwin Lui Canada

Excellent and ingenious packaging and quick delivery.

Very well organized and high English literacy considering it is a Japanese site. Lower prices compare to parts listed on eBay.
Andrew Yue United States

Japanparts service for my order was excellent.  Communication was prompt and pricing was accurate given the current currency exchange rate.  Updates were received on my order in timely fashion.

I found Japanparts.com through the Subaru enthusiast forum, NASIOC. Japanparts.com has a much larger selection of parts than those websites, and have better stock.
Jonathan Koh Theng Ming Singapore

Very Good.

Google Search Slight better price on some items.
Roberto Pelacani Italy

Tutto perfetto.

In Internet Non saprei.
Thomas Germany

The Service was perfect, but one item is missing.

I found the Webside while i was searching for special parts from STI "Subaru Tecnica International". Perfect Communication for all requests about Shop Items !
Volodymyr Ukraine


Google Parts directly from Japan.
Matt Grassato Australia


Ozfoz.com Excellent catalog of parts.
Jimson Philippines

Great and Fast.

Internet Combine shipping. Conversing in english and being able to find parts even with no part number.
James Bailey Australia

Excellent. Processed my order as soon as they came back from the national holiday.

From a friend whom I met on a Subaru car forum. You offer a large range of parts and the processing is fast and efficient.
Surein Jeyapalan Malaysia

Smooth Process.

A bit high price for parts, but price is worth for the type of service provided. Japanparts delivers internationally.
Mattew Gyore United States


IWSTI.COM Better prices easy to use website.
Brian Mau Hong Kong

Very Good.

Google Fast shipment, well sorted menu to look for the right part for your car.
Bjorn Patterson New Zealand

Very Good.

Google Search The awesome service.
Grant Townsend Australia


Friend. Email contacts (Yuki) assisting me to find the parts I am after.
Derek Blake New Zealand

Very Good.

Google Easy To Use.
Aaron Denes Australia


Google Great range, fast response to questions asked. Great site, fast postage.
Lau Kam Hon Singapore


Yahoo Lots of varieties especially for Subaru.
David Gittes United States

Good. Notified when order was created and when it was shipped in addition to being told that it was in manufacture. Got the order in about 14 days when listed availability was 30-45 days. Very pleased.

Reference from NASIOC.com several years ago. Price and catalog of parts listed online.
Paul Gladman Australia


Google Reasonable shipping charge.
Yumin Gu Australia

Excellent. Yuki is very friendly and helpful.

Google Japanparts can ship overseas with a very very competitive price.
Aki New Zealand

Excellent. I needed some unusual OEM parts not listed on the site and the response from the Japanparts team was very fast and very helpful. The parts I needed arrived in at my house in New Zealand 7 days after my initial enquiry.

I found reference to it on a internet forum about Subaru cars a few years ago. I have used Japanparts twice before and been very happy with the service.

Japanparts is consistently faster (when the parts are not already in stock in NZ) and much more cost effective. The selection on the website is very comprehensive and they have managed to source other parts I have needed very quickly. Parts typically arrive in half the time it takes for my local authorised dealer to obtain them, and the price is much better.
Sean United States

Great! Came 7 days early!!

Nasioc.com I heard is the only place to get JDM fogs. Fast and great customer service.
Michael Lam Australia

Excellent !

Internet Search Very easy and quick. good communication..
Thanakorn Unapee Thailand

Very Good.

From internet and search engine. Fast and sure.
Peter Slovakia

Quick, trouble-free, I will shop again.

Internet search engine (Google I think). Quick delivery, good discounts.
Mickail Australia

Service was 10 out of 10 as usual. good communication all the way through.

Found japanparts.com over 5 years ago searching through the internet. Have been a customer eversince owning my first WRX. Great range of gear, Fast delivery and great customer service.
Ken Taaffe Australia

Excellent and prompt as always.

Through a car forum.

You seem to be able to source just about any part I can think of. It's a one stop shop. And parts are always genuine, never have to worry about buying cheap fakes.

Gav Cooper Ireland


Used them for years. Service
Francis United States

The service was excellent.

I researched it online. I am sure about what I am getting , and my contact at Japanparts is very helpful.
AWOL Australia

Excellent. No faults. Very rapid postage once the order was ready to go.

Web search and also friends recommendations. Personal contact via email to find what I am after and the consultants are able to track down what I need. I don't get that with the other sites. I have good interactions with Yuki who assisted me greatly and is continuing with future purchases. Building up discount points is a good incentive to keep using one site rather than others.
Mathew Morgan Australia


From a Subaru Forum. Wide varieties of products & very efficient customer service.
Azizi Azman Malaysia


Internet. Service