How to order

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There are 2ways to order from us.
1) Use our shopping cart
   2) Inquire us about parts NOT on our site

1) Use our shopping cart


There are 2ways to search for the part you are interested in.

  Head of our top page,
    Car Manufacturer → Car Name → Parts Category
      You can see corresponding parts of all parts manufacturers.
   Quick Search Head of the left side of our top page,
      You can choose “car manufacture”, “car model” ,“parts category” or “parts manufacturer”.
      You can choose any one of the four columns.

You can set your home currency.
Click under JPY price in each item, and a new page will pop up. Once you have selected your home currency, click “refresh” button. This system helps you to imagine the part price, but it’s only as a guide.


Click “more info”, when you find the part. 
Check the part to see whether it’s the right part or not. 
Please choose “select 1”, “select 2” and change QTY if necessary.
And click “Add to the cart for quote”.

If you want to add some more parts, then please click “back to item list” and go back to Step 2.  If you are NOT to add any other parts, then please skip this step.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Site requires "Cookies" to be enabled. Please adjust your
Web browser.

Step 4)
Please choose your area and click “Select Your Area”.

Step 5)
Please fill out "Delivery Charge Quote".
If you want to know the delivery charge to “Your nearest airport”, “To your nearest seaport” or “To your nearest Greyhound office (US customers only)”, choose each of the above column.  Especially for big parts, it will give you various options if you choose the above columns.

Select the "Payment Method".
Surcharge of paying by Bank will be added as "Surcharge" at check out.
Surcharge, that is, International transaction fee, is JPY3,000 by Bank.
No surcharge, paying by Paypal or Credit card. 

Input your email address and click “SUBMIT”.

Step 6)
Please choose Freight method and click “Proceed with an Order” if the parts price and shipping fee are OK with you.

Step 7)
Please go on to read "PLEASE READ".

Step 8)
Please fill out "Consignee's Information", "Buyer Information" and "The Password for a Point Check" and "Process an order".
 Check your email address again here.
Make sure to input your password after your e-mail address to save or apply your points. Create a password if this is the first order. Points will expired a year.  

Step 9)
Please input the points (how many points) that you want to use (If you have already got the discount points for your previous order(s)) and click “Process with an order”. 

If you are shopping with us for the first time, then please SKIP this step since you do not own discount points then.

We do NOT know how much it will be. Please inquire about it at the Customs in your country.


2) Inquire us about parts NOT on our site

 Inquire us by email.  We will try and locate any Japanese domestic model part(s). We do not know whether the parts fit on overseas specification.
Give us the information as much as you have, parts manufacture, parts number, parts details and full detail of the car. If JDM chassis, advise us full VIN number. We cannot search especially Honda parts without JDM chassis No.
or advise the URL if you have found something on the net you want.

Please note; 
(1) Parts for models prior to 10years-old are generally obsolete and becoming more difficult to find
(2) We don't deal in any Used parts whatsoever
(3) We do not supply key and/or lock assemblies, Alarm systems, OR remote/keyless entry devices, for any unit we have not ourselves supplied.
(4)We do not supply Parts to Companies or Individuals who manufacture Copy or Knock-Off Parts.
(5)We cannot search the parts by pictures.
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